You're new around here. I'm Margaret Primrose. I run the Cafe Beau Monde. Stop by sometime.

— Margaret Primrose

Café Beau Monde is a restaurant operating in Tenpenny Tower. It is run by Margaret Primrose, who sells a variety of food. She also sells other random items, such as stimpaks. She usually has between 200-300 caps on her every time her inventory restocks.

During the morning (7-8 a.m.), Tenpenny tower's merchants (Lydia Montenegro, Anthony Ling and Doctor Banfield) will eat here, but will not sell items or offer services until they get into their shops.


The café has a desk with a cash register that Margaret usually stands behind. There are also several tables available for dining.


  • There are a few types of foods at the back of the shop that can be stolen, but a greater variety can be found in Boutique Le Chic.
  • There is a table reserved for Allistair Tenpenny, even though he never leaves his suite.
  • The café will be unattended if the ghouls are let in during the Tenpenny Tower quest. Therefore, the Lone Wanderer will be unable to buy food or drink from here.


Café Beau Monde appears only in Fallout 3.

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