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Nukalurks are a rare species of Mirelurk with glowing blue features. It is assumed that this coloration is due to the isotope used to color Nuka-Cola Quantum. This seems to be proven by the effects of their delicious Nukalurk meat which boosts health as well as Action Points! Found in large numbers only in the Nuka-Cola plant, this ancient pre-War bottling factory may serve as both their home, and the birthplace of their species. The majority of these creatures dwell in the lower production level of the factory, which has been flooded with spilled Nuka-Cola Quantum.
[edit]Did you know...

... that the Great War lasted only two hours but released more energy than that of every war before that combined?

... that only a single Ballistic Orbital Missile Base survived until 2253?

... that Robert House remained unconscious and cryogenically frozen for 61 years?

... that jet has nearly no effect on ghouls?

... that Dr. Fung from San Francisco was the mentor of Doc Holliday?

... that the Commonwealth is in Massachusetts?

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Community Features
Wasteland Wiki

Video Accord adopted

The Meeting discussed the deal that C had proposed, and was accepted by Wikia (T/a Fandom), the terms were as follows:

  • A Moritorium on any Wikia/Fandom made video being added for 6 months
  • We will create a video policy for articles in line with current article guidelines. This will include appointment of a 3 member “Video Board” to advise on application of the guidelines, and provide post production scrutiny.
  • After 6 months if Wikia/Fandom can demonstrate a test video which upholds our strictest guidelines the community will be asked to vote on whether allowing Wikia/Fandom to post further video without pre-consent should be permitted. We’ll also debate including use of the Nukapedia Branding.
  • If pre-consent is not given, these videos may be submitted to the video board for pre-posting approval, in line with the process for community made video that will be created.
  • In the meantime if our community teams produce a video that meets those guidelines the video board submit it to Wikia/Fandom for inclusion on articles through the platform.
  • We would recommend to community teams their target list should be the top 10 most visited pages.
  • If pre-consent is given Wikia/Fandom will advise the Video board where/when they input video, so that they can be reviewed after posting. The Video board may insist on revision, removal pending these revisions, or where a video cannot be revised such that it can meet our guidelines, permanent removal.
  • Persistent violations of policy will see Wikia’s/Fandom’s permission to post further video (and use of the Nukapedia branding) suspended until such time as the confidence of the community in these videos can be re-established.

It was proposed that the deal with Wikia be accepted, but the Exodus platform should be retained in to allow for further content and features that cannot be delivered on the wikia platform or as part of the main wiki, and to serve as an option should the community ever feel there was a need to move from the Wikia platform. 14 in favour, 5 opposing.

With Quorum established, and the majority large, the motion was carried.

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